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The power situation on Saipan remains a serious problem, but according to CUC, plans to get Saipan restored to full power remains on schedule, with september 12th as the target date for the end of brownouts

In a speech delivered in the House earlier this month, Representative Tina Sablan cites reasons for impeachment of Governor Ben Fitial, including "weakly justified emergency declarations, unconstitutional executive orders, highly suspicious sole-source contracts and nonsensical threats of litigation against the Federal Government".

The Guam military buildup may be a few years away, but leaders speaking at a business forum say now is the time to gear up. Small business advisor for the navy Albert Sampson says it's vital that businesses register with the Federal Government's central registration system.

Power outages have been leaving the CNMI courthouse with no power for four hours a day and sometimes the entire afternoon. Earlier this week,a jury trial had to be moved to the district court house.
Superior court Judge Ken Govendo says he's had to hold hearings in his own chambers, where there is more light, to make sure no one is deprived of their rights.